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100 % Organic Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Raw Oil (370 ml)

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  • NURTURE YOUR WELLBEING AND BODY – Coconut oil can be taken as a supplement, it can be used for cooking, adding more nutritional value to your food. It can also be applied externally to the hair and skin.
  • NATURE FRIENDLY – Natural replacement for ALL processed oils, butters and margarine, suitable for vegetarians and vegans – dairy-free, gluten-free & cholesterol free.
  • SUPPORT THE PLANET – 100 % unrefined, unbleached, extra virgin coconut oil, no added preservatives. Better for the planet and better for you.
  • COLD PRESSED AND UNREFINED – During cold pressing, the oil from the coconut meat is mechanically pressed at cool temperatures to preserve its numerous health benefits. It is not bleached or deodorized, and is free from additives.
  • UPGRADE YOUR DIET – A healthy fat that can increase mental and physical energy which helps you lose body fat. Adding Coconut Oil to your diet compensates for the deficiency in EPA in a vegetarian and vegan diet.


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