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Today Amazon.co.uk banned majority of CBD products [2018]

It was a big blow to many traders selling CBD oils through Amazon.co.uk. On July 11, 2018 giant retailer took down the majority of CBD products, taking down many popular items. This  means many best-selling products are no longer allowed to be sold and all of a sudden unavailable to thousands of satisfied customers. The online giant has not given any explication. Among many CBD products, there are also products from our brand “Be Hempy” (which was very popular with Amazon customers) also sadly disappeared too, as you may have noticed.

This came as a surprise to everyone, since WHO ruled that international bans on pure cannabidiol are not justified because they pose no threat to public health.A committee of experts met in November 2017 to evaluate several substances. A complete overview of cannabidiol, which might be of medical use, has been postponed. Due to the increasing worldwide interest in using cannabis and its active ingredients (cannabinoids) in medicine, WHO has started to collect scientific evidence to decide whether to place these substances under international control. In particular, the November Committee report examined the therapeutic qualities and side effects of cannabidiol. Several clinical studies show that pure cannabidiol is an effective treatment for epilepsy, and according to the report an experimental product is in a Phase 3 study. Preliminary evidence – as well as use of CBD-based products sold online – suggests that cannabidiol may offer additional therapeutic benefits.

“CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile,” the authors of the report wrote. To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any related public health issues.

Clearly, this has something to do with the US drug policy and the anti-cannabis attitude as such and there also might be an involvement of pharmaceutical industry.


Be Hempy CBD products


“Be Hempy” had a 95%+ satisfied customers, making it quickly one of Amazon’s bestselling products. The effects vary based on the condition of the person taking CBD. Some people report the alleviation of conditions that have severe symptoms, such as seizures, while others report a feeling of general improvement of their wellbeing, such as sleeping better or suffering from lower stress levels. Each person is different and will have a unique response to any new botanical supplement, but almost all customers reported positive effects from use of cbd oils.

The question remains, where can all the customers purchase these life altering products from now on?

Fortunately, we we would like to introduce you our own online store, where you can find all the Be Hempy products that are going to be missing on Amazon.co.uk 😔

In addition to Be Hempy, we’re also going to be offering products from other trusted brands (Gift of Nature and Hemp Natur)

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